在《Gus : The Theatre Cat》中,Gus 講述著他在劇院裡的成功演出,渴望重回舞台
而在這段關於 當年演出回憶 的 幻想劇 中,他扮演 海盜頭目 Growltiger,唱著《Growltiger's Last Stand》,再次體驗了往日的成功

 這首歌 場面浩大,是《貓》唯一的一次場景更換,由 Junkyard 轉為 蕩漾碧波中的船和小島

是《CATS》的戲中戲,還有不少 搞笑情節

十七、Growltiger 格羅泰格
Hamberg 1993 Hamberg 1990
莫斯科  莫斯科

 Growltiger 非常強壯, a muscular cat who is tough and manly
He can knock out his crew with one punch, 他的船員和其他貓都非常怕他
但他們時常調侃他,唱著 他的耳朵是如何被 Siamese 攻擊掉的

 Growltiger 非常恨 Siamese 和 外來的貓
直到遇見了 Griddlebone,性情大變,開始多愁善感,經常想念著她

 當 Griddlebone 無聲無息的消失後,他深深認為 她一定不可能是被溺死的

十八、海盜 Crew

 五位 Growltiger 的海盜朋友 英國 巡迴

十九、Griddlebone 格莉德波恩

Hamberg 1993

 由 Jellylolum 扮演,是一隻 雪白色,有著蓬鬆毛的貓
愛競爭又好吵鬧 的 女高音


廿、Siamese & Ghengis 暹邏 & 金吉斯

他們是 Growltiger 的宿敵 foe

 Siamese:頭戴尖盔,穿著有 暹羅貓眼睛 的衣服,舉著長叉和大刀
Ghengis 這個名字源自 成吉斯汗 Genghis Khan,為 Siamese 之首領

 +  +

Growltiger's Last Stand 格羅泰格的最後一戰

Growltiger was a Bravo Cat who travelled on a barge 格羅泰格 是一隻航行於駁船上的暴躁貓
In fact he was the roughest cat that ever roamed at large 事實上他是遊手好閒的貓當中最粗暴的
From Gravesend up to Oxford he pursued his evil aims 從 Gravesend 至 牛津,他追求著他邪惡的抱負
Rejoicing in his title of the "Terror of the Thames" 他有個滑稽的名稱- "泰晤士河的恐怖分子"

His manners and appearance did not calculate to please 他為人的態度和外表 不算讓人喜愛
His coat was torn and seedy, he was baggy at the knees 他的上衣破爛又骯髒,鬆垮的垂到膝蓋
One ear was somewhat missing, no need to tell you why 他的一隻耳朵幾乎不見了,不需要告訴你為什麼
And he scowled upon a hostile world from one forbidding eye 他以令人畏懼的眼神 怒視著這個敵對的世界

The cottagers of Rotherhithe knew something of his fame Rotherhithe 的村民都知道他的名聲 
At Hammersmith and Putney, people shuddered at his name Hammersmith 和 Putney 的人們 對他的名字不寒而慄
They would fortify the hen house, lock up the silly goose 他們會加強防禦雞舍,把笨鵝都關好
When the rumour ran along the shore, Growltiger's on the loose! 當謠言從岸邊傳來時,格羅泰格 正在到處遊蕩

Woe to the weak canary that fluttered from its cage 可憐那些 弱小的金絲雀在籠內鼓躁不安
Woe to the pampered Pekinese, that faced Growltiger's rage 面對 格羅泰格 的狂暴的嬌生慣養北京狗  
Woe to the bristly bandicoot that lurked on foreign ships 潛藏於外國船上長滿剛毛的印度鬼鼠
And woe to any cat with whom Growltiger came to grips! 以及所有受到 格羅泰格 控制的貓

But most to cats of foreign race his hatred had been vowed 他立誓仇恨外來種族的貓
To cats of foreign name and race, no quarter was allowed 有外國名字或血統的貓 都不許駐紮聚集
The Persian and the Siamese regarded him with fear 波斯貓 和 暹羅貓 害怕的注意著他
Because it was a Siamese had mauled his missing ear 因為 暹羅貓 曾經撕咬他的耳朵

 以上是第一段海盜們的合唱,在調侃 Growltiger,有著 黑色幽默 的成分在

接下來進入 第二段,轉變了曲風,Griddlebone 將出場

Now on a peaceful summer night all nature seemed at play 在寧靜的夏日夜晚 
The tender moon was shining bright, the barge at Molsey lay 溫柔的月色 閃耀在 Molsey lay 的船
All in the balmy moonlight it lay rocking on the tide 於柔和的月光下 在海上搖擺
And Growltiger was disposed to show his sentimental side 格羅泰格 表現出多愁善感的一面 

Griddlebone 出場
Chi e la? 是誰在那裡?
Mi amore! 我的愛!
So no qui 我在這

In the forepeak of the vessel, Growltiger stood alone 格羅泰格 獨自站在船頭 
Concentrating my attention on the lady Griddlebone 集中我所有的注意力在 格莉德波恩 小姐身上
And my raffish crew were sleeping in their barrels and their bunks 我那些大老粗船員們 正在木桶和臥鋪上睡覺
As the Siamese came creeping in their sampans and their junks 當 暹羅貓 從他們的舢舨和平底船爬過來

Growltiger had no eye or ear for aught but Griddlebone 格羅泰格 對 格莉德波恩 以外的貓都不放在眼裡
And the lady seemed enraptured by his manly baritone 這位小姐看來是被他充滿男子氣概的中音所吸引
Disposed to relaxation and awaiting no surprise

But the moonlight shone reflected from a thousand bright blue eyes 月光從上千的碧藍眼睛中映照出來
And closer still and closer, the sampans circled round 愈來愈近,愈來愈近,在舢舨上圍成一圈
And yet from all the enemy there was not heard a sound 所有的敵人都還聽不見任何聲音
The foe was armed with toasting forks and cruel carving knives 敵人都裝備了燒烤叉和兇殘的雕刻刀 
And the lovers sang their
last duet in danger of their lives 這對戀人冒著生命危險 唱出他們最後的二重唱

Growltiger, Griddlebone 唱情歌(義大利歌曲 <In Una Tepida Notte>)
In una tepida notte d'estate, allorché la natura era nel pieno fulgore
 In a tepid summer night, where nature was in full splendor 在一個溫暖的夏日夜晚,當大自然壟罩在一片光輝之中

E la resca rugiada splendeva al chiar de luna sopra la verzura
And the fresh dew sparkled in the moonlight over the verdure 生氣蓬勃之中,晶瑩的露水 在月色中閃爍

Si poteva vedere il galeone ancorato
You could see the galleon anchored 你能看見船錨
Oscillare in silenzio nel vento profumato
 Swinging silently in the fragrant breeze 在芬芳的微風中搖擺

Dalla marea del naviglio serenamente cullato
The tide of ship cradled serenely 漂蕩的船 靜靜的搖曳

In quella tepida notte, che c'è dunque di male
There was no hint of evil in the warm night 在溫暖的夏日夜晚,感受不到一絲邪惡

Se in tanta poesia, il piratoa diventò sentimentale
 In lots of poetry, the pirate became sentimental

Oscillare in silenzio nel vento profumato 
Dalla marea dol naviglio serenamente cullato 
In quella tepida notte
In quella tepida notte
In quella tepida notte

 Griddlebone 登場後,依然故意搞笑
Growltiger 對她求愛 唱情歌時,每到動人之處,不是 Growl 唱破音,就是 Griddle 的長尾巴被踩住,兩位還故意比高音搶鋒頭

突然,Siamese 來襲,整個故事才轉向 黑暗的結局- 陰謀、背叛、死亡
Then Genghis gave the signal to his fierce Mongolian hordes 金吉斯 發出訊號給他兇殘的蒙古軍團

Abandoning their sampans, their pullaways, their junks 棄置他們的舢舨,他們的小艇,他們的帆船 
They battened down the hatches on the crew within their bunks 他們封死了臥鋪上水手們的艙口

Then Griddlebone she gave a screech for she was badly skeeted 格琳德波登 被射中而發出尖叫
I am sorry to admit it, but she quickly disappeared 我很抱歉的承認,但她很快的逃走了
She probably escaped with ease, I'm sure she was not drowned 她可能安逸的脫逃,但我確定她不是被淹死的
But a serried ring of flashing steel Growltiger did surround

Growltiger 與 Siamese 決鬥
The ruthless foe pressed forward in stubborn rank on rank 毫不留情的敵人層層包圍逼近 
Growltiger to his vast surprise was forced to walk the plank 格羅泰格 居然會被逼著走上甲板
He who a hundred victims had driven to that drop 他竟然會是第一百個受害者被迫從這裡跳下去
At the end of all his crimes was forced to go kerflip, kerflop 他一切罪惡的下場就是被逼著噗通噗通 (指跳海)

Oh there was joy in wapping when the news flew through the land 當消息傳到陸地時那裡的人都喜極而泣
At Maidenhead and Henley there was dancing on the Strand 在 Maidenhead 和 Henley 有人在河濱跳舞
Rats were roasted whole at Brentford and Victoria Dock
And a day of celebrations was commanded in Bangkok!


 Growltiger 與 Griddlebone 對唱情歌真摯動人
而後在 Growltiger 被 Ghengis 圍攻的時候,剛才還含情脈脈的 Griddlebone,瞬間顯露出 寡情薄義 的真面目,自己偷偷溜掉,Growltiger 反而變成了 悲劇英雄

第二段的情歌,1982年 倫敦原版 是 <The Ballad of Billy McCaw 比利馬庫爾的長詩>,T. S. 艾略特 未出版的詩

Oh, how well I remember the Old Bull and Bush
Where we used to go down of a Saturday night
Where, when anything happened, it come with a rush
For the boss, Mr. Clark, he was very polite

A very nice house, from basement to garret
A very nice house. Ah, but it was the parrot
The parrot, the parrot named Billy McCaw
That brought all those folks to the bar
Ah! He was the life of the bar

Of a Saturday night, we was all feeling bright
And Lily La Rose, the barmaid that was
She'd say, 'Billy, Billy McCaw!
Come give us, come give us a dance on the bar!'
And Billy would dance on the bar
And then we'd feel balmy, in each eye a tear
And emotion would make us all order more beer

Lily, she was a girl what had brains in her head
She wouldn't have nothing, no, not that much said
If it come to an argument or a dispute
She'd settle it offhand with the toe of her boot

Or as likely as not put a fist through your eye
Or when we was happy and just a bit dry
Or when we was thirsty and just a bit sad
She would rap on the bar with that corkscrew she had
And say, 'Billy, Billy McCaw!
Come give us a tune on your pastoral flute!'
And Billy'd strike up on his pastoral flute
And then we'd feel balmy, in each eye a tear
And emotion would make us all order more beer

'Billy, Billy McCaw!
Come give us a tune on your moley guitar!'
And Billy'd strike up on his moley guitar
And then we'd feel balmy, in each eye a tear
And emotion would make us all order more beer

Billy, Billy McCaw!
Come give us a tune on your moley guitar

Ah! He was the life of the bar.

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